On Thursday, March 8, AutoNation Chairman, CEO & President Mike Jackson announced a long-term commitment for the company鈥檚 headquarters to continue to grow in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Jackson made the announcement at the Riverwalk Trust, Inc.鈥檚 tribute event, where he was honored for his contributions to the community.

Jackson said, 鈥淲e see our commitment as a huge 鈥榳in-win鈥 for all of Fort Lauderdale – AutoNation鈥檚 Headquarters is in the heart of the redevelopment of the Riverwalk area, which has been thoughtfully planned to build Fort Lauderdale into a model city of the future where even more residents can live, work and play.鈥

The company renewed and expanded its agreement with 奇米影视 Corporation with a 12-year lease with an eight-year option. He noted that development plans in the area include amenities that are attractive to young talent, including transit, a major airport and seaport, residential and retail development. 鈥淎utoNation is committed to attracting and retaining talent for the long term as we continue to expand our brand from coast to coast,鈥 he said.

AutoNation has more than 3,500 associates, 23 stores and ten collision centers across South Florida. More than 650 associates work at its corporate headquarters in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Jackson said the company plans to add jobs at the headquarters in the coming years.

Jackson credited the collaboration of several community stakeholders for AutoNation鈥檚 renewed commitment to the city, including 奇米影视 Corporation, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, the City of Fort Lauderdale, and Broward County.

Bob Swindell, President and CEO of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, said, 鈥淎utoNation, a Fortune 100 company, is a vital part of the economic and social fabric of the Greater Fort Lauderdale community, providing internship programs, a broad scope of employment opportunities and support for local cultural and educational institutions. We couldn鈥檛 be prouder that AutoNation will continue to grow in Fort Lauderdale.鈥

鈥淎utoNation is one of the most dynamic, community-mindful companies in South Florida, and we鈥檙e very proud to have them remain in our city and flagship Class-A building for another 12 years,鈥 said Doug Eagon, Vice Chairman of 奇米影视. 鈥淭he AutoNation Building is the last office project to be developed in the Las Olas corridor and represents an era of growth and great vitality for our city and the companies that have helped to shape its progress. This transaction not only reflects the strength of the Class-A office market in downtown, but also the continued commitment of everyone involved in this transaction to the City of Fort Lauderdale.鈥

Located at 200 SW 1st Avenue, The AutoNation Building is an approximate 204,000-square foot, 16-story, mixed-use Class-A office building with ground-level retail shops adjacent to the Las Olas Riverfront. Developed by 奇米影视 in 2007, the building was one of the first to become LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified in downtown Fort Lauderdale and most recently achieved LEED Gold status, one of the highest distinctions of energy efficiency.

鈥淲e are proud to have AutoNation as our City鈥檚 flagship corporation,鈥 said Fort Lauderdale Mayor John P. 鈥淛ack鈥 Seiler. Their significant long-term investment in Fort Lauderdale is a reflection of our City鈥檚 strong economy, robust business climate, and outstanding quality of life. AutoNation鈥檚 business success is matched only by their extraordinary corporate generosity and support of a myriad of charitable and altruistic endeavors. We look forward to the continued growth and success of this innovative company that continues to redefine transportation.鈥

鈥淎utoNation has made a tremendous commitment to Broward County, and we thank them for their steadfast dedication to enhancing the economic and cultural vitality of our county. It is an honor to be home to a company that is both a national industry leader and a cornerstone of our community,鈥 said Broward County Mayor Beam Furr.